Have you ever thought of the doors in your community as a way to reduce risk?

Tech-Sage has designed a solution that allows you to manage and track access within your community, hold staff accountable, and integrate your security system to provide iron-clad risk mitigation.

Tech-Sage is the leading provider of RFID access control solutions designed specifically for senior living communities.

UBandRFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locks are ideal for senior living. Your resident uses a wearable credential which opens his or her door when held up to the lock.  It is that simple.

The Tech-Sage solution is cost effective, adaptable and end-user friendly. It integrates with life safety, fire alarm, nurse call, CCTV, MagLocks, delayed egress push bars, and many other systems. As a sub-contractor, we possess the talent and experience to perform a scope of work that would normally require several trades. Expert-level skill and industry knowledge allows us to be flexible, responsive and quick, which means your building will open sooner.