When it comes to our elders, we are passionate advocates. We created Tech-Sage in order to provide a solution that dramatically improves the lives of senior living residents. Every day, all day, seniors are moving in and out of rooms in your community. Each interaction an elder has with a door can prove to be a risk of distraction by searching for and fumbling to manage keys, ultimately leading to a fall. The Tech-Sage solution reduces that risk, and transforms it into an opportunity for your residents to move effortlessly throughout their environment.


Our goal is to improve the lives of senior living residents by creating an optimally secure, safer, and easier way to open doors.

Tech-Sage works with owners, operators, architects, general contractors, developers and consultants to design and install an integrated RFID access control solution and security system that is specifically tailored to the functional needs and building codes of senior living communities.

Whether constructing a new senior living community, or retrofitting an existing building in an upgrade project, our team of expert installers works side-by-side with our customers. The end result is a customized access control and security solution that meets the exact needs of the community and its residents.