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Our Passion

We really love what we do.

Everything we do is focused on the single objective of keeping your residents safe and secure.

Considering the average age of a resident in a senior living community is 85 to 90, the normal activities we take for granted are much more difficult for a senior. As part of the aging process visual acuity, hearing, and manual dexterity decline exponentially. To this end it is more difficult for residents to use manual keys for access to their apartment as well as the community.

With electronic locks there is no more fumbling with keys to gain access to a specific door. All the resident needs to do is present their key fob, wristband, or key card to a specific lock and the door will unlock immediately… it could not be more convenient. When it comes to risk mitigation, you can find no better way to do this than through an electronic lock.

What We Do

We improve the lives of senior living residents.

We create an optimally secure, safer, and easier way to open doors.

Our goal is to improve the lives of seniors by creating an optimally safe and secure environment.  Tech-Sage works with owners, operators, architects, general contractors, developers and consultants to design and install an integrated access control solution that is specifically tailored to the functional needs of each senior living community.

Whether building a new senior living community or retrofitting an existing building for an upgrade project, our team works side-by-side with our customers.   The result is a customized electronic lock and access control solution that meets the exact needs of your community.

Cost Effective

Manage Access

Manage Staff

Reduce Risk

User Friendly